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Virtual Conference

WJA - 2020 Awards For Excellence, A Virtual Celebration, Leading Through Transformation


On Monday, July 27th 2020 at 7pm EST WJA will host our annual Awards for Excellence event online and feature the positive outcomes of our programming and membership activities. Our fundraiser, accompanied by our online auction, helps to support the WJA Foundation which increases educational, business building and professional development opportunities for female and female-identifying jewelry professionals. To date, the WJA Foundation has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in support to small business owners, aspiring designers and students who are about to embark on their jewelry careers. We welcome your donations to continue our important work and to empower the next generation of industry professionals!

Leading Through Transformation is the theme and focal point for our event this year. We've invited Dolly Meese and Jim Hemerling, dynamic leaders from Boston Consulting Group, to share how businesses can move confidently into the future that's rapidly changing. Whether you are an independent designer or a seasoned executive, this discussion will center on how we can all use our company's 'purpose' to help us focus on what is constant, amid a sea of change.

Our event will conclude with two separate conversations on diversity and mentorship--critical pillars of WJA's programming. We look forward to connecting with you through our interactive chat and virtual happy hour at the end of our event!

WJA aims to inspire you with big, bold vision for a more positive future ahead!  

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