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Virtual Conference

The Great Debate - Paid vs. Free Virtual Events

1 Hour



What is this virtual event about?

Matchbox Virtual Media and Snöball are bringing you the debate of the century where we will ask ourselves what virtual event facilitators have been contemplating for years: Should my virtual events be free, or should I charge for them?

What better way to find the answer than through a virtual event? Join us at 1:00PM on October 2nd for a good, old-fashioned, cut-throat virtual debate exploring the complexities of pricing your next virtual event. We’ve got a team of experts ready to get to the bottom of it. Broken into teams of two, our experts will break down different virtual event examples and explore how to evaluate the best choice for your virtual event. We're asking all the biggest questions. And don't forget to bring your boxing gloves, because throughout the debate you'll have the chance to bring your arguments to the table in an attendee chat designed to make your voice heard! 

The only thing we haven’t asked is:
Are you #TeamFree or #TeamPaid? Or still #TeamUndecided


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