Your Virtual Conference: from Idea to Execution

February 4th, 1:00-1:30pm (EST)

Getting Started: The Trials and Tribulations of Launching Your Own Virtual Conference

What’s it like to launch your own virtual conference? Find out in a session with three people who have successfully launched their own virtual events! They’ll discuss the hurdles to overcome to make the event happen, rewards they reaped from the process, and what they wish they knew when they put on the event. The panelists will give their advice for getting started and outline ways to get buy-in for the initiative. Come be a part of the conversation and learn more about what it takes to launch your own virtual conference!

February 4th, 1:30-2:00pm (EST)

How to Make Money With Your Virtual Conference

This session will unearth the key steps you’ll need to know to make your virtual conference profitable! The panelists in this session will be discussing different mechanics for monetization, including sponsorship and ticket sales. Among other things, they’ll discuss how to demonstrate value to the relevant decision makers, and challenge you to consider virtual conferencing as part of a larger strategy. The speakers will discuss their own experiences, as well as research in the field that looks at virtual events across the industry. Join the panelists for a rewarding conversation centered around how to generate revenue for your organization using virtual events.

February 4th, 2:00-2:30pm (EST)

How to Ask Questions to Help Identify the Conversations That Matter

Conversations that matter make for compelling virtual conference topics. When everyone has a stake in the conversation, the conversation has the capacity to drive the group to ideas and questions on new ground. It’s an exciting process. How do we go about asking questions that matter? How do we identify conversations that matter? How can a virtual event spark these important conversations? This session is all about addressing these questions. In this session, you’ll hear wisdom from expert panelists regarding how to spark the right dialogue, use data from one event to inform the next, and how to inspire co-creation along the way. Join us at this session to learn how to cultivate the right conditions to ensure that conversations of substance provoke, continue, and grow fruitful over time.